Costa Kotselas and Chris Papastergiou combine ancient ethnic chants and instruments from Greece and the Middle East with more modern rhythms and electronic sounds to create something entirely new that couldn't have been possible at the time yet still stays true to the original style and form.

Entropy of Chaos combine different aspects of many cultures into a commonly shared musical language. Their sound can be compared to Enigma or Deep Forest with more dance oriented/agressive drums like BT or Chicane and memorable melodies like Robert Miles or Vangelis. Entropy is different and unique because of their fusion of electronica with sources of inspiration they use from Greece and the Middle East. You can also check out for Film Music and Music Licensing


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Listen To Music You can click on each song name below to hear a 1 minute clip excerpt from each song on the CD. If you like what you hear, you can buy The CD! securely online from Paypal for $11.99 delivered to you.



Click here to listen to Anatoli Audio Clip
CD Track 1. Anatoli is Greek for East. This song was inspired from reading about Alexander The Great's eastward conquest to challenge Persia and efforts to spread Hellinism. It contains different musical elements from the cultures he encountered along his journey. Greek instruments blend with Middle Eastern Strings, Chants and Rhythms plus Trip Hop beats.
Click here to listen to Visions of a Perfect World Audio Clip
CD Track 2. This is the newest song on the CD which features the Prophet 5 VST instrument. The title is about how everyone has an idea in their head of how they would want the world to be, especially me, unfortunately you have to live in the reality of the way things are, so you have to be happy no matter what.



Click here to listen to City of Lights Audio Clip
CD Track 3. The nickname for Paris, one of the coolest cities in the world. It has everything old and everything new. I was truly inspired by driving around the streets of Paris for a whole week and I was working on this song while I was watching some of the hours and hours of video I have from that trip.
Click here to listen to Metropolitain Audio Clip
CD Track 4. This song was featured in the "Charmed" TV Show which aired on Thursday Jan 20th 2000 on the WB Network. The show stars Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano and the song was featured during a club scene about 1/3 of the way into the show. "Metropolitan" is the Paris subway system or Metro. Costa has always loved big cities' subway systems and enjoys the buzz you get when riding them all day...a great source of inspirtation by seeing so many people on the move. One of the coolest things about it is that some stations contain displays that are relavent to the area, for example, the Louvre station contains Greek, Roman and Egyptian statues from the museum.


Click here to listen to Floatilla Audio Clip CD Track 5. The female vocal was from something I taped from the radio while I was in Crete. I'm not sure where it is from, maybe Yemen, but I really liked it and it fit into this song well. I started working on this song while I was watching 1492 one of my favorite Ridley Scott Movies with a Vangelis soundtrack about Columbus discovery of America. Floatilla, of course is a Spanish armada of ships.
Click here to listen to Byzantium Audio Clip CD Track 6. Ancient Greeks named the city Byzantium. The first Christian Roman ruler, Constantine the Great, established it as the new Christian capital of the empire. Then re-founded as Constantinople, it was also called New Rome. Falling to the Turks in 1453 it became Istanbul. This song has a very Greek flavor with a modern dance feel.


Click here to listen to Entropy Audio Clip CD Track 7. The Koran has made a deep impression on me. What I like most about it is that the inspiration is pure and true. The Muezzin is speaking words revealed from "God" or some kind of "higher source". These revelations are meant to teach man how to live, to think and to act with God. In most popular music today, the source of inspiration seems to be " If I do this kind of music, I can make a lot of money " to me that kind inspiration is hollow and it shows. When the muezzins are chanting the Koran, they are intrepeting the word of God and are at an elevated state of conciousness. To me, this inspiration was so real and powerful that you can feel it. This is my attempt to harness or capture that feeling. This song appears in the film The Girls' Room directed by Irene Turner, which premiered in LA on April 27th at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood. Irene has created a great website that tells you all about the movie, check it out.
Click here to listen to Agamemnon Audio Clip
CD Track 8. A golden death mask of a nobleman of Mycenae, thought to be from the grave of Agamemmnon, Homeric conqueror of Troy. Being much older, the mask could have belonged to one of Agamemnon's forbears.

Click here to listen to Light Of The Orient Gate Audio Clip
CD Track 9. A song composed for a screenplay Light of the Orient Gate written by Evan Spiliotopoulos about the ethnic cleansing that took place in Smyrna Turky in 1912. Greek Byzantine chants are followed by chants from the Koran which symbolizes what happens in this historical account. Click here to listen to Atomium Audio Clip
CD Track 10. Atomium is the name of a building in Brussels, Belgium which is a model of a carbon atom.


Click here to listen to Life FM Audio Clip
CD Track 11. This song will be featured in the Spelling television "Beverly Hills 90210" series this Wednesday March 22nd on Fox Network during a scene where the Matt and Dylan characters visit a Rave. This is a "trance" track where FM means frequency modulation, FM synthesis uses sine waves to make sounds, that's also how life can be, up and down, good and bad, then good again. This up and down rollercoaster action is how things go in everyday life.
Click here to listen to Messogeon Audio Clip
CD Track 12. The Greek name for the Mediterranean. Messo-Middle Geon-Earth. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially the thousands of Greek islands. One of my favorite islands is Santorini: pictured here. You can click on the picture or click here to see some 360 degree panoramic views of Greece as Quicktime VR movies .


Click here to listen to Blind Faith Audio Clip
CD Track 13. An observation how people can have a Blind Faith in religion and yet, still be afraid of flying in a plane or technology in general. I'm not trying to knock religion, if it makes people feel better, it's fine but I can't understand how people don't trust or are afraid of technology. As with most of my other songs, I try to combine the two together. This is a picture of the Dom in Kolhn Germany, my favorite Gothic cathedral, which is a prime example of human devotion to the church.
Click here to listen to Al-Murselat Audio Clip
CD Track 14. From the Koran's 77th surat. It means "Those that are sent forth". Recitation of the Koran developed differently in Istanbul as a very melodious chanting in the Turkish modal system known as makam. It is one of the most beautiful ways to hear the revelations of God.


Click here to listen to Helena Audio Clip CD Track 15. Another song composed for Light of the Orient Gate by Evan Spiliotopoulos. This is the female lead's theme song. Sorry, there is no picture of her here...the movie hasn't been made yet.
Click here to listen to The Killing Begins Audio Clip
CD Track 16. Another song composed for Light of the Orient Gate by Evan Spiliotopoulos . This is the point of the story where the Turks begin their expulsion of Greeks.


Click here to listen to The Pinch Clip CD Track 17. Inspired by the legendary fight scene in a Star Trek episode "Amok Time" where Spock and Kirk are forced to a fight to the death.
Click here to listen to Synapse Audio Clip
CD Track 18. This song also appears in the film The Girls' Room starring Soleil Moon Frye and directed by Irene Turner which will premier in LA on April 27th at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood. They have a great website that tells you all about the movie, so check it out.


Click here to listen to Plasma Audio Clip
Not included on CD. Plasma in Greek means form. I have this strong belief that everyone is a unique, individual entity and shouldn't be shaped or changed by others' standards or expectations...which is the key to happiness... on the other hand, I am pretty amazed how much people can sacrifice so much and also adapt to almost any circumstance.
Click here to listen to Gloradin Audio Clip
Not included on the CD...Permission pending. A remix of a Lisa Gerrard song from the Mirror Pool. I added the effects, swirly synth sweeps and orchestra hits. The best concert I have ever seen in my life was when I saw Lisa Gerrard at the Wiltern Theater in LA in 1995. She had everyone there in a trance, especially me, so go out and buy every Dead Can Dance CD and her 2 solo CD's The Mirror Pool and Duality. She changed my life and she'll change yours as well. You are really starting to hear her more and more these days as she had a song in the movie Heat and more recenlty scored the Al Pacino/Russel Crow movie The Insider.


Click here to listen to Revealed Audio Clip
Not included on CD. Shadows hide details that are eventually revealed by the movement of the sun. I love time-lapse photography films like Baraka, Canyon Dreams and Chronos. In the future I want to make a film like that of the Greek islands and some other places in Europe and also do the music score...unfortunately it will cost about a million dollars to produce and I don't have a million dollars, so...


Click here to listen to Trips Clip
Not included on CD. Inspired by watching the hours of video from trips to Greece and Europe. This is a picture in the entrance to the Parthenon and yes, the sky really is that blue in Greece.


Click here to listen to Prograde Audio Clip
Not included on CD. Prograde is the movement of the Planets. Chris and I are both astronomy fans.


Click here to listen to The Cloaked One Audio Clip
Not included on the CD. When the first revelations were revealed to Mohammed while on Mount Hira, he himself was frightened and was asked to be covered up or cloaked when he returned home.


Latest News "Caladan" featured on Charmed Thursday, March 21st.


The song "Caladan" was featured on the "Charmed" TV Show which aired Thursday March 21st 2002 on the WB Network.
The songs "Entropy" and "Synapse" are featured in the filmThe Girls' Room directed by Irene Turner which will premiered in LA on April 27th at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood at 7:00 P.M.. Irene has created a great website that tells you all about the movie, check it out. You can hear clips of these songs below.
The song "Life FM" was used on Beverly Hills 90210in a scene where the Dylan and Matt characters go to a Rave with people dancing around a fire. The episode aired Wednesday March 22nd on Fox (Channel 11 KTTV in LA) at 8:00 PM and was the 6th to last show of the series.
The song "Metropolitan" was featured in the "Charmed" TV Show which aired Thursday Jan 20th 2000 on the WB Network. The show stars Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano and the song was featured during "P3" club scene about 1/3 of the way into the show. You can hear a 1 minute clip on this site...see below.


Read ReviewsThe Reviews are in! you can read what people are saying about Entropy of Chaos in the Reviews section


Visit My Studio You can watch a 20 Minute Quick Time video segment called "Idea to CD" where I show the entire process of how I make music. You can see it on the web site. Just click on "Video Overview" You can also check out some Tips and Tricks articles I wrote as well...just click on "Free Tips".


Who are Entropy of Chaos?

Costa and Chris both grew up in the United States yet spent most of their summers in Greece. This early expsosure to a different culture sparked their interest into the history of their own heritage as well as the culture, music, art and religions of many other countries. Their often trips through the rest of Europe enrich their vision that is directly reflected, expressed and transmitted through their musical language. Their goal is to sucessfully transmit the human emotions captured from the original source of true inspiration to the listeners through the use of technology and music.

About the name:
Entropy is a measure of chaos or a measurement of how things become more predictable. It is a physics term where in any given experiment there are predictable results or outcome, however there is a little bit of randomness or chaos that can yeild slightly different results each time. Entropy is a measurement of that randomness or chaos.


Since the world is in a constant state of chaos and that chaos can be measured by looking at culture, music, art, fasion, film etc... As the world ages these things become more and more similar or predictable. If you look at a teenager growing up in the US and one growing up in any country in Europe or anywhere else in the world, they are starting to look the same. They are wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music and are having the same interests. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? On one hand these common interests would mean more understanding and less likelyhood of conflicts or even war. On the other hand we are losing the individual cultural identiy which was unique each country or region.

The symbol on the CD cover contains different elements of the world's most popular religions, the Christian cross, Islamic text from the Koran, the Jewish star of David etc... Thousands of years from now perhaps we will become one culture and share one religion that is a combination of all the different beliefs into one. This would be the symbol for the religion of humanity.


Costa Kotselas:

I live in Los Angeles California and work as a consultant to some of Hollywood's biggest composers and artists. I worked for Hans Zimmer for the past 3 years and was involved with films like Black Hawk Down and Spirit. Before that, I worked as a product specialist, web content producer for who make Cubase VST, the computer software that many artists use to make music. I am featured on The Hollywood Reporter Composer Registry and the Feb. 2000 issue of Step Magazine, which will include a CD with one of my songs on it. I also have two songs in the movie The Girls' Room starring Soleil Moon Frye and directed by Irene Turner which was released in May 2000 and one song on the Steinberg Shapes and Colors CD.

I go to my studio and work on music all night. I am constantly watching the hours of video from my travels which is the source of inspiration for my music. The pictures above are of me in my favorite places: Athens, the Greek Islands, my studio, Paris, London and Kolhn.


Chris Papastergiou:

Lives in Athens Greece where he is a software developer and enjoys the Greek lifestyle of Cafe's and Tavernes. Chris collaborated with Costa on some of the songs when they were living in the Washington DC area. They continue to work together via the internet where Chris will start an idea for a song, email it to Costa, who then builds it up, records it and makes the CD's.


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Entropy of Chaos

A Measure of Chaos

You can buy a CD securely online with a credit card delivered to you for $11.99 from Paypal here, or you can email Costa Kotselas and send a check.

This is an independant release, Entropy of Chaos are looking for a record deal in order to get global promotion, distribution and exposure. Costa is also doing sound design for several major Hollywood composers and is interested in scoring films.




Charmed: Spelling Television WB Network show featuring "Caladan" aired Thursday March 21st 2002.
Beverly Hills 90210: Spelling Television Fox TV show featuring "Life FM" aired Wednesday March 22nd 2000.
Charmed: Spelling Television WB Network TV show featuring "Metropolitan" aired Thursday Jan 20th 2000.
Punk'd: "Propulsion"


The Girls' Room: Film featuring "Entropy" and "Synapse" premiered April 27th 2000.
Shade of Pale: Film featuring "I Like It" and "The Hookup"
Shrek The 3rd
The Number 23
Deja Vu
Flushed Away
Seraphim Falls
The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe
Kingdom of Heaven
Team America
Return To Sender
Bridget Jones 2
Man On Fire
Shrek 2
Spy Game
Black Hawk Down


Step Magazine: Compilation CD/Featured Composer "Chase" February Issue.
Hollywood Composers Registry:



Special Thanks


Thanks to the ones who first influenced me to start making music: Tangerine Dream members of the past and present: Paul Haslinger, Christopher Franke and Edgar Froese.


Also some of my biggest influences who helped me grow and change direction: Chicane, Vangelis, Enigma, Deep Forest, Iio, Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams.

Manfred Rurup, Karl Steinberg, Arnd Kaiser, Fadi Hayek, Greg Ondo, Werner Kracht, Michael Michaelis, Ali Lexa, Rob "The Piece" Hill, Thimo Koberling, Thomas Wendt, Pasi Puentes and everybody els at Steinberg past and present who were involved with the development and growth of Cubase VST and SX...which makes it possible to be able to do all of this.

All the really cool people I have met and worked with: Toby Chu, Meri Gavin, Stephen Barton, Ray Holmes, Tom Vedvik, Martin Tillman.

People from companies like Roy Campanella and Bela Canoto from Native Instruments, Mark Gavini, Glen Bulycz and Steve Bannerman from Apple Computer, Ernst from the Propellerheads, Matt Wilkinson from AMG, Derk Hagedorn from E-mu, Geoff Farr from Waldorf-Access, David Whittle from AKAI.