The Reviews are in!

Here are some reviewers' comments from listeners on for the song City of Lights.

Really Really Beautiful

In the VERY beginning i was thinking....not again...but then all the melody came in and it's really really beautiful. It reminds me of Robert Miles and BT which I love. Some of that sequencing/programming sounds like it took awhile...This is not lazy...I'm giving it two very enthusiastic thumbs upwhile adding it to my playlist.. and if people tell you it sounds like everything else out there, They don't know any better.
VelaUniform - St. Louis, Missouri

Top Notch

a good cheerful groove. Top notch production qwality. i almost got up to dance but have just eaten.
Adam - Auckland, New Zealand

Hard To Fault.

A tasteful and excellently produced doof/pea-souper. Simple ideas, building, then flowing into each other. Perhaps a tad formulaic but I still liked it.
Dr_Grouse - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ace Of Base

slightly juvenvile but attractive...could use a second horizen and of course a nice soulful occasional vocal
betheoptimist - Marin County, California

Be More Daring!!

i would have liked this 'east-european' sound of keyboards (?) to be more on the surface. it was there, underneath, but barely heardable. it would have added a lot of originality to the final outcome of the whole piece
ErnieEstrada - Tallinn, Estonia